Water Damage in Arizona

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and rapid response is key to preventing further damage to your home or property. It can cause thousands of dollars of destruction by damaging wood furniture, baseboards and cabinets, as well as flooring, electronics, appliances and plumbing equipment. In some cases, structural damage to your property also occurs.

If water damage is not addressed as soon as is possible, the extent of the damage will increase rapidly from cabinet and wood swelling, to drywall softening and warping. Fungi and bacteria can take hold within days of the damage occurring and only become obvious when odors sound the alarm that drying is not complete. Moisture also provides the perfect breeding ground for mold which can pose serious health risks especially to people who suffer from asthma or who have compromised immune systems. A fast response will help to mitigate these harmful health effects.
A detailed inspection is necessary to figure out the scope of the problem and come up with an effective plan of action. After identifying where the water is originating, its source must be cut off immediately. Once this is done, the drying process can begin. The plan of action is tailored to meet every situation as each one is different and may require different treatments. There are a variety of treatments in addition to the initial drying process, including deodorizing, sanitizing, protection and storage.

Restoration is a multi-faceted process designed to return your property to its original condition. It includes repair of structural parts of your home as well as reinstalling or replacing flooring. Everything must be sanitized before replacement or reinstallation.

If you need immediate water damage help and reside in Arizona, contact the experts at Lotus Restoration Services. Their responsive, professional and experienced staff will address your situation, and if necessary, be on site in 45-60 minutes. Call for an immediate quote today!