Water damage is unfortunately common in Phoenix homes and in homes throughout the area. It may be caused by everything from a broken pipe or a leaking water heater to a leaky roof, a severe storm or something else. Water can be a very destructive force when it is not properly managed and contained in a home. If you have recently discovered water damage in your home, you understandably need to take every reasonable step to dry out your home and to fix the damage as soon as possible. These steps will get you started on the right path.

1. Identify the Water Source

In most cases, you can identify the water source and prevent additional water from entering the home. By doing so, you may also prevent additional damage from occurring. For example, if water is entering the home through a leaky roof, you may place a container underneath the leak to capture the water until help arrives.

2. Stop the Flow of Water

Once you have identified the source of unwanted water in your home, consider how you can stop the flow of water quickly. A plumbing leak, for example, may be stopped by turning off the main water line valve to the home. You will then need to schedule repair service with an appropriate professional to address the cause of the damage. This may be a plumber in Phoenix, a roofer or someone else. Keep in mind that these first two steps ideally will be completed in a matter of minutes. When water remains on the floor, dripping from the drywall or otherwise impacting your home, further damage may occur.

3. Schedule Remediation and Restoration Service

Water should be removed from the home as soon as possible. As time passes, the risk of mold growth and additional water damage increases dramatically. You understandably want to keep repair time and cost to a minimum, and you also need your home restored as soon as possible. We provide a one-hour response time to our valued Phoenix customers.

Regardless of how seemingly minor or severe your water situation may be, rest assured that we have the equipment, skills and manpower necessary to quickly remove the water. Our restoration process includes drying out the home, reducing humidity and taking other essential steps. Because timing is critical when you are dealing with water damage restoration in Phoenix, contact us now for a fast response.