At times when disaster strikes your home, you thank your lucky stars that you have homeowner’s insurance to help pay for the repairs. The truth is that your homeowner’s insurance company will do their best to pay out the minimum fee for the repairs of your home. Their job is to minimize spending while maximizing profits just like every other company around the globe. To help ensure that your insurance company actually pays for the entire cost of the repairs from the water damage, there are some things you should be doing.

1. Act To Stop The Damage

While it may be tempting to let the water continue to damage an entire part of your home so that it can be redone, that’s not the best idea. Your insurance company is fully capable of denying part of your water damage claim if they deem that you didn’t intervene to prevent further damage. Now, the actions that will be required on your part to stop the water flow will depend on the type of damage that you’re dealing with.

To help you better understand, we’re going to take a look at a quick example. Let’s say a storm came through and busted your window. The broken window is obviously letting outside rain come into your home. Your intervention in this scenario should be to board up the window. In another instance, let’s say you have a plumbing leak in your home. Your intervention should be to shut the water valve off to your house. You should be taking necessary intervention steps to avoid any further damage.

2. Pile Up The Evidence Of Your Claim

With everyone having a smartphone, this is fairly simple to do. You’ll want to take pictures of the damage that was caused by the water. If you want to, take a video capture to help supplement the photos for your claim. Even narrative the video if you want to. Once you intervene with the water damage to get it stopped, it’s time to write down a physical inventory of the damages. Include all the items that were damaged and their value.

3. Know The Difference Between Flood And Water Damage

It’s true that most insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. It’s an add-on that you can opt to include in your individual policy. However, most homeowner’s insurance policies include water damage in Phoenix AZ. So, you’ll want to know the difference between the two so you can properly explain the damage to your insurance company. Flood damage is considered an act of nature where generally more than one house is affected. Water damage is caused by something specific, such as a burst pipe.