Flash flooding in Phoenix, Arizona, is quite a common occurrence, especially due to the proximal location of the Sonoran desert. Occasional heavy rains in summer imply that the rain water does not drain fast enough, thus leading to floods in various parts of Phoenix. This often results to flooding of houses and apartments, thus leading to most homes becoming partially submerged in water. Houses are highly prone to water damage as several inches of floodwaters can lead to extensive surface and structural damage. Living in a water-damaged house can cause various health hazards to you and other occupants. Here are some of the common vicious threats you face when living in a water-damaged house that has not been properly restored.


1. Cross contamination of water

Flooding normally brings water from distant areas, some of which is normally contaminated and mixed with drainage and sewage water. Habiting a house that has not been properly restored after getting flooded can, therefore, expose you to water contaminants. These include microbes that cause water borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery.


2. Damage of drainage systems

Flash floods are normally extensively powerful and can thus damage even the strongest structures. The extensive power of such flood implies that they can carry debris which gets hurled at structures including drainage pipes and septic tanks, thereby causing damage such as breaking and cracking them open. This renders the entire water system greatly compromised, therefore leaving the house with no proper drainage and sewage systems. Continual living under such conditions is normally a recipe for water borne diseases and other human health hazards.


3. Growth of molds and slime

A house that has been drenched in water before normally gets extensively wet as the walls and concrete absorb water. Other wooden structures such as timber and any other organic material also imbibe with water. With time, as the floodwater subsides, it creates the right atmosphere for development of microbial organisms including molds which grow on any organic material. Such mold may sometimes be toxic. Slime also accumulates on the wood structures and floor leading to extensive colonization that renders the house filthy, slimy, and slippery.


4. Dumpy air and environment

After a house has been flooded, it is quite difficult to comprehensively clean it without the help of professional water damage restoration experts in Phoenix AZ. Living in such a house that has been previously flooded and improperly restored creates a dumpy atmosphere as the water evaporates and accumulates in form of water vapor. This creates a dumpy atmosphere that is highly uncomfortable to live in.