Water Damage Restoration Arizona

While many people know Arizona as being one of the driest states in America, the monsoon season that impacts the area can be devastating and cause a massive amount of water damage. This is made even worse if you’re new to the area and weren’t prepared for the problems that come with the annual monsoon season. Unfortunately, flooding in the desert is a very real issue for many homeowners, and it can cause a myriad of water damage problems that are difficult to resolve on your own. To save money, some Arizona homeowners try to rectify the issue themselves, cleaning up the water and using small sump pumps to get water out of the home and outside. While this might seem like a relatively good idea at first, you’ll soon find out why the majority of Arizona homeowners hire water restoration professionals.

When you’re attempting to clean the home after a flood, it’s very difficult to find all of the damage with the naked eye. Water seeps inside of floor boards, underneath sheet rock and behind walls. While you might think that the home is dry enough and that you’ve done a good job, you might notice a mold problem begin to grow months after the cleanup is done. This can cause you to spend even more money on having mold remediation done, which can damage many areas of the house and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. If you have some type of home insurance, it only makes sense to hire Arizona professionals to do the water restoration for you.

Water restoration professionals come to your home, do an inspection of the damage that is present and then work to get rid of any moisture that is found as well as standing water. They check underneath floorboards, behind walls and do everything that they can to ensure that your Arizona home is dry, safe and back to normal for your loved ones. This prevents a mold problem from growing behind the walls and floor, which can put your family in a rather precarious situation. If you’ve recently dealt with a flood or want to have a professional on hand for if it should ever happen, be sure to contact Lotus Restoration to begin the process of water damage cleanup and to prevent future problems from developing because of DIY methods that just did not work for the situation.

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