After a flood, it’s common for people to think that water is temporary and will not leave behind stains. Another myth is, if the water looks clean, it is. This causes many people to think that cleaning up a water-damaged home is a typical DIY project. After a flood hits, it’s important that you stop thinking about myths and face reality.

1. Water Damage Is Less Destructive Than Fire Damage

Water and fire are two elements that are placed on opposite ends. However, water is seen as less dangerous and more beneficial than fire. Fire is always seen as the destructive force that is stopped by water.

So, water damage is taken less seriously than fire damage. People think that cleaning up a little water in the house is easy and will not leave long-term damages. After the water dries, the environment will return back to normal.

In reality, after the water is removed, the homeowner is left with stains, mold, rotting wood and peeling paint. Flooding causes the walls, floors and ceilings to weaken and deteriorate to the point of needing repair. In many flooded homes, mold forms quickly and spreads through the air, causing minor to severe respiratory problems.

Fewer problems affect the owners of fire-damaged homes. They also have deteriorated walls and structures that fall apart, but their homes never develop mold that causes health problems for anyone who lives there. They don’t have toxic floodwaters that harbor deadly bacteria and parasites.

2. The Work Can Be Done on Your Own

Although some cleaning can be done on one’s own, water restoration is a cleanup project on a different level. There are the risks of injuring yourself on fallen debris or getting sick from coming into contact with mold or bacteria. Only a professional cleanup crew has the necessary tools and experience to handle the situation safely.

For every situation, there are myths that affect how people approach it. Do not become too lenient when it comes to facing water damage, but at the same time, don’t be too foolhardy. Remove the myths that affect how you repair a flooded home or building. Use good judgement and contact our qualified water damage restoration company in your area.