If you have experienced a fire at your home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or other areas, you are now trying to not only assess the damage, but also wondering what to do next. While it may look as if your home and possessions are complete losses, that is often not true. Rather than make these assumptions like many victims of residential fires, trust the experts here at Lotus Restoration Services to help you in ways you never thought possible.

Air Duct Cleaning
After you’ve had a fire in your home, soot will be scattered everywhere, and that especially includes inside your air ducts. Thus, when you start using your home’s cooling system once again, soot will be distributed throughout your home. Not only will this cause a mess, but also be a health risk to you and your family. At Lotus, we can perform extensive air duct cleaning services following a fire, ensuring soot will not be a problem once the A/C is turned on.

Furniture and Document Restoration
In any type of housefire, numerous pieces of furniture and many types of documents are severely damaged. However, thanks to our state-of-the-art training in many different restoration methods, we can often restore much of your home’s furniture and many of your most important documents.

Smoke Odors
Whether a fire consumed much of your home or only a small area, smoke odors will fill the air long after the last firefighter has left the scene. Unfortunately, no matter how many ordinary household cleaners you use, they likely won’t go away. To solve this problem, you will need restoration technicians from Lotus who can use specialized cleaning solutions to rid your home of its smoky smells.

Since you will already have plenty of details to be concerned with following your home’s fire, leave the fire and smoke damage restoration to us here at Lotus. Offering 24/7 service and free evaluations of your situation, we can always be counted on whenever we are needed. To get started on the fire and smoke damage restoration process, call us today at 480-500-5481 or visit lotusservicesaz.com.