When your home or business suffers a fire, flood, or other situation where large amounts of water are present within the building, one of the biggest problems immediately following the incident will be mold growth. Once mold takes hold within walls or other areas, it can be impossible to remove if you try to do the task yourself. To ensure all mold is properly removed and your home or business is again safe and sound, rely on mold remediation experts here at Lotus Restoration Services.

Growing in 24 Hours
Unbeknownst to many people, mold can start growing in as little as 24 hours once an area becomes wet and stays wet. Before you know it, mold can grow and spread throughout walls, floors, ceilings, and other places, making it more and more difficult to remove. Since our experts can arrive on-scene within one hour or less in most cases, put your trust in us here at Lotus.

Health Hazard
Due to mold being able to grow and spread so quickly, it can also pose a severe health hazard within your home or business. For people who may already have existing respiratory issues such as asthma, mold growth can make the condition worse. In addition, the mold spores constantly being released can also lead to other related illnesses, making it imperative all mold in the area be removed as fast as possible.

Extensive Structural Damage
Because mold can grow virtually anywhere in a building that stays wet for an extended period of time, extensive structural damage can occur if mold is left untreated. From flooring and walls to ceilings and cabinets, you need to have mold remediation begin quickly to prevent unnecessary damage.

Rather than let a bad situation grow worse by the hour or day, contact us here at Lotus Restoration Services. With our more than 20 years of experience in various types of restoration services, extensive training, and use of state-of-the-art drying equipment, we can handle any task thrown our way. To contact us immediately for a free evaluation, call 480-500-5481 24/7 or visit lotusservicesaz.com to learn more.