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4 Reasons That You Need a Professional To Clean Up After An Unattended Death

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Not everyone passes away while in a hospital or at home with loved ones. There are times when people die alone and remain undiscovered for a period of time. Attempting to clean the site after an unattended death is not something that amateurs should undertake. A better solution is to call a professional restoration service. Here are four simple but important reasons to leave this type of cleanup to a professional.

Service Personnel Know How to Minimize the Health Risks

When the body remains undiscovered for any amount of time, decomposition begins to occur. That includes the release of body fluids and human waste. If the death occurred as the result of a violent crime or a suicide there will be blood spills that must be dealt with.

Exposure to the bacteria and various types of pathogens associated with blood and human waste is dangerous for anyone, but especially so for people who are not trained in restoration work. Add in the biological hazards associated with decomposition and it’s clear that only a professional should take care of the site. Thanks to using filtration masks and other type of protective equipment, a professional can deal with the biohazard in relative safety.

Professionals Have the Proper Cleaning Products

The cleaning products used for general purposes won’t work with this type of scene. Experts will use chemicals and compounds designed to clean all non-porous surfaces within the space. They may also be able to effectively clean and disinfect some porous surfaces, thanks to the type of cleaning agents they employ.

They Have Have The Equipment Needed

The cleaning equipment used by a restoration team is designed to deep clean many types of surfaces. This makes it easier to salvage some things that would otherwise have to be removed from the scene and destroyed. That same equipment helps to remove the scent of decomposing flesh, waste, and blood as well as clean all possible surfaces.

Nothing Goes Undetected

A restoration team is trained in finding and eliminating all traces of contamination. Along with evaluating the scene prior to initiating a cleanup, they perform a second sweep after a thorough cleaning, This ensures there are no remaining blood splatters or tiny bits of tissue left anywhere in the space. After a thorough check, the space will be fit for human use again.

Restoration service personnel have experience with everything from flood cleanup to restoring spaces after some type of violent crime has taken place. Don’t take chances with your well being. If an unattended death takes place on your property, call our professionals. It will be worth every penny.