2 Places That Mold Grows and Will Require Mold Removal in Phoenix

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A mild amount of mold is all that it takes to imperil your health. That goes doubly so if you're struggling with allergies or you have some kind of chronic lung infection. Let's face it - mold isn't good for anyone to breathe in. What's more, mold is really ugly to look at, and it

4 Mold Restoration Tips for Every Major Cleanup in Phoenix AZ

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You cannot always predict when mold will enter the home. But you can work to undo some of the damages and recover your losses. In the end, you'll most likely need a professional, but it's important to start the process on your own. Here are a few restoration tips to follow for mold removal in

4 Ways to Prevent Mold In Your Home In Phoenix AZ

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As a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate already. The last thing you want to deal with is mold. It can cause allergies, health problems, and be expensive to call for mold removal in Phoenix AZ. Here are three things you should do to keep it from becoming a big problem in your

Have A Bio-Hazard Situation In Phoenix? Call A Professional Restoration Service

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In situations where catastrophic property damage occurs, or perhaps an industrial accident or crime has taken place, the area will need an extensive cleaning once all final details are resolved. However, in these situations, it is important to not attempt to do this without the help of professionals. Not only will the area not be

The Importance of Calling A Restoration Company in Phoenix AZ

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Restoration Company in Phoenix AZ Unexpected things can happen at any time catching homeowners and businesses off guard. No one really plans their daily schedules around a possible disaster. The fact is that catastrophes are a part of life. Lotus Restoration Services is ready to conquer any problem. Water Damage Leaking or flooding water can

4 Steps for Professional Mold Removal in Arizona

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Mold Removal in Arizona One of the first steps in effectively removing mold is to ensure that the source of moisture is located. Mold needs moisture and heat to grow. While there is rarely a lack of heat in Arizona, there typically isn't an abundance of freestanding water. If you remove existing mold without eliminating

Can Mold Grow During The Winter In Arizona?

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Residents can anticipate mold growth in warmer seasons like spring and summer. The hot heat from the sun, steam, and sweat make it easy for mold to exist anywhere undetected. As the weather turns cold, the assumption is mold cannot survive in cold conditions due to chilly air in the darkest places and freezing water.

If You Have Black Mold, Don’t Wait to Get it Removed

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Has your property recently been damaged in a flood? Maybe your kitchen and living room areas were inundated by a burst water main or a sewage system backup. Whatever the cause of the accident was, one thing is clear: You've got a nasty cleanup to attend to. And if you don't get it done right

3 Reasons Why DIY Mold Removal is So Difficult in Mesa AZ

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Mold Removal in Mesa AZ Although you likely know that mold should not appear in your house, you might fail to take the necessary steps to properly eliminate it. Wiping the substance up with an old rag or spraying some bathroom cleaner on it may not actually get rid of the problem. Consider the reasons

The 5 Most Common Spots for Mold in Your Arizona Home

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Mold is a dangerous substance because it can cause allergies, can mar wood, drywall, carpet and more in your home and can cause chronic health problems. The battle against mold must be a constant one in which you carefully protect your home from mold and find quick help when you find moldy patches. These five

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