Why You Shouldn’t Clean Up Biohazard Waste Yourself

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You must have come across the word biohazard waste. Ever paid closer attention to understand the deeper meaning? Well, you do not have to as we will bare it all in this article. The article will also provide a walkthrough of how biohazard waste should be cleaned. Lets' begin. What is biohazard waste? Biohazard waste,

Need Asbestos Removed From Your Tempe Home Or Business? Call Lotus

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While many people assume asbestos is long gone from buildings today, that is not always true. While many modern buildings of course do not contain asbestos, there are thousands of homes, businesses, and other structures where this potentially dangerous material can be found. Since asbestos has been linked to various types of cancer and other

Cleaning Up After a Crime of Death in the Valley of the Sun

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Something those real-life crime shows will never show you is cleaning up the unfortunate aftermath of a crime. The ugly truth is, after the detectives collect all of the evidence, the crime scene is simply left as a biohazard for the owner of the property to clean up. The city of Phoenix has a violent

3 Dangers of a Filthy Mess Left by the Tenants in Your Phoenix Rental

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There are many advantages to owning rental properties, but the occasional setback can make being a landlord an unpleasant ordeal. One of the most dreaded situations is finding that your last tenants vacated and left an appalling mess. You are now left with the task of getting the home back to a condition that will

3 Reasons To Leave A Biohazard Cleanup in Scottsdale To The Professionals

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It can happen to any property owner. A crime is committed on the property and it’s a particularly violent one. The police are finished with the site and you now have the task of cleaning the space. Will you hire a professional to manage the job or attempt to do it yourself? Here are three

4 Reasons That You Need a Professional To Clean Up After An Unattended Death

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Not everyone passes away while in a hospital or at home with loved ones. There are times when people die alone and remain undiscovered for a period of time. Attempting to clean the site after an unattended death is not something that amateurs should undertake. A better solution is to call a professional restoration service.

Think You Have Mold in Your Home or Business in Scottsdale?

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Mold contamination can seriously affect your health. It can be difficult to eradicate mold, but we’re mold removal experts at Lotus Restoration Services. Call us today for a free evaluation in the greater Scottsdale, AZ area. Is Mold a Health Hazard? Molds produce mycotoxins. Contaminated homes may have large amounts of free-floating mycotoxins, and they

4 Reasons Mold is Dangerous, Especially for Children and Pets in Phoenix

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As an adult, you likely already know that living in a house with mold is problematic. However, when you see a little bit of mold in the corner of the basement bathroom, you might disregard it. Doing so is dangerous regardless of age, but to ignore mold is even more deleterious when children and pets

3 Signs of Asbestos That Need a Professional in Arizona

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Remodeling your home is an exciting time in your life. Stumbling upon asbestos during a remodel, however, is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Everyone has heard how bad asbestos exposure is for your health. While it can take years for asbestos to cause cancer, the EPA maintains that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure.

What You Need To Know About Bio-Hazard And Trauma Cleaning In AZ

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When a homicide occurs, most people only think about the police investigation. However, for those who live or work at the crime scene, there is the unpleasant task of getting the area cleaned up after the investigation is completed. While many people believe these cleaning jobs are like any other, they are mistaken. In most

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