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Restoration in Arizona

While many people assume asbestos is long gone from buildings today, that is not always true. While many modern buildings of course do not contain asbestos, there are thousands of homes, businesses, and other structures where this potentially dangerous material can be found. Since asbestos has been linked to various types of cancer and other illnesses, it is something that should be removed from a building as quickly as possible. However, it is best to do so by letting those who are trained in professional asbestos removal do the job, such as the experts at Lotus Restoration Services.

Testing for Asbestos
Since those who own older homes, businesses, or other buildings may not always be sure asbestos exists within the structure, it is smart to have the area tested by professionals. Here at Lotus, we not only have experienced asbestos technicians who can safely remove this material, but also make use of the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to check for asbestos. By testing a building, our professionals can tell you if your building does or does not contain asbestos, how much is present within the building, and recommend various ways in which it can be safely removed.

The Latest Training
Since asbestos removal must be done in the safest possible manner and follow strict state and federal guidelines, you should only have it removed from your home or business by professionals who are trained in the latest techniques. Here at Lotus, we take pride in always making sure our technicians have the most up-to-date training as it becomes available.

Safety is Our Top Priority
Knowing your home or business is important to you, we also make sure all asbestos removals are done with safety being our top priority. Along with our technicians wearing respirators and other safety equipment, we also carefully isolate the areas being worked on to ensure no asbestos particles escape the area and get into places where they could be harmful to yourself, your family, or customers at a business.

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