Something those real-life crime shows will never show you is cleaning up the unfortunate aftermath of a crime. The ugly truth is, after the detectives collect all of the evidence, the crime scene is simply left as a biohazard for the owner of the property to clean up.

The city of Phoenix has a violent crime rate significantly higher than the national average; in the first 10-months 2019 alone, there were 103 murders, and more than 1,000 incidences of rape. These crimes will cause a biohazard on your property.

Suicide, drug overdoses, accidents, and death by natural causes are also unfortunate events that will create a biohazard situation. Unfortunately, once the authorities have collected all the evidence they need, cleaning up the aftermath will be your responsibility. While not necessarily a crime, these deaths can also trigger a police investigation and the need for a professional crime scene cleanup.

It’s very sad, but if a drug addict or a homeless person dies on your property, the cleaning up will be your responsibility. Likewise, if one of your tenants dies on a property you own, it’s your responsibility. While this is the type of subject no one wants to discuss, death, as well as the aftermath, is a sad fact of life.

This is a cleaning you do not want to attempt to do yourself; not only is it traumatic, but there are also levels of sterilization and sanitation you are not equipped to deal with. Crime scene clean up is something you must leave to the professionals. Removing the odors from a death scene is something only a professional can do.

Fortunately, while calling in a biohazard cleaning company in the Phoenix metropolitan area may seem expensive, the good news is, your property or home owner’s insurance will cover the cost in most cases.