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What’s Involved In A Trauma Cleanup?

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Whether it is a sudden death, traumatic injury, or other catastrophe, the fact is a highly-specialized cleanup operation will be needed once the scene is cleared. Always a very stressful situation for loved ones or others who may be involved, many people think they can take care of these situations themselves by using standard household cleaners. However, that is not the case at all. When a trauma biohazard cleanup is necessary, numerous specialized steps must be taken by experienced technicians.

Sterilizing and Sanitizing
When any situation occurs that results in large amounts of blood, other bodily fluids, or human tissue being released into an area, there is an immediate and long-term threat of many dangerous types of bacteria and viruses being present. Because of this, trauma cleanup technicians will use various types of potent cleaning products to sterilize and sanitize the area against the bacteria and viruses.

Sealing Off the Area
From a suicide to a homicide or accident, it is crucial the area where the event took place be sealed off as fast as possible. In doing so, any harmful bacteria or viruses can be kept within a confined area, making them easier to contain and eliminate. Once experienced trauma cleanup technicians arrive at the scene, they will take charge and seal off the area from all others in an effort to keep everyone safe.

The Latest Equipment
Since cleanups of this nature are so specialized and of course so important, trauma cleanup technicians always use the latest equipment when performing these tasks. From high-powered vacuums to other types of sterilization equipment, Lotus technicians always equip themselves with what is needed to address any concerns.

Discretion During the Cleanup
When any serious situation happens, others will be curious as to what happened. However, families and others will likely not want any details released to others. At Lotus, we always make discretion a top priority at any trauma scene cleanup.

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