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Why You Shouldn’t Clean Up Biohazard Waste Yourself

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You must have come across the word biohazard waste. Ever paid closer attention to understand the deeper meaning? Well, you do not have to as we will bare it all in this article. The article will also provide a walkthrough of how biohazard waste should be cleaned.

Lets’ begin.

What is biohazard waste?
Biohazard waste, also referred to as biomedical waste, is any waste carrying potentially infectious substances, such as blood. Examples of biohazard waste include:
• Sharp materials
• Human and animal waste
• Human blood and bodily fluids
• Laboratory wastes, such as human specimen
• Pathological wastes, such as waste biopsy materials

The above substances have the potential risk of carrying infectious diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis B&C.

What leads to biohazard waste in real life?
Having seen the danger of biohazard waste, you might ask where you can encounter this waste. Well, the truth is that biohazard waste is never far from us, whether we are at our homes, work, or worship places. Why?

The following scenarios occur frequently and are likely avenues for the potential risk of biohazard waste. The scenarios are:
• Crime scene
• Unattended death scene
• Homeless encampments
• Hoarding
• Suicide and homicide scenes
• Sewage

Can I clean up biohazard waste?
After suicide or a crime scene, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to do the cleanup. Amid the emotions of these unfortunate events, it’s overwhelming to expect the victims to perform the cleanup. Again, cleaning up these scenes can be potentially dangerous to your health due to the risk posed by biohazard waste. So, what’s next?

How biohazard waste cleanup is done
Biohazard cleanup requires specialized equipment and relevant training. The good thing is that professional cleanup companies like Lotus Restoration Services are well-placed to provide these services.

How is biohazard waste cleanup done? Professional cleaning services ensure that their employees are adequately trained to observe OSHA guidelines for biohazard cleanup. Again, they equip their staff with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as goggles, masks, gloves, and smock, to enhance safety.

To restore your premises into a habitable state, professional cleaners carry out biohazard remediation. What’s biohazard remediation? It is a three-stage process that involves cleaning, sanitization, and restoration.

Biohazard waste cleanup in Arizona
If you are a resident of Phoenix, AZ, and its environs, and in search of biohazard waste cleanup services, be at ease. At Lotus Restoration Services, we’d love to help. Contact us today, and let’s connect.