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If I’ve Still Got Asbestos In My Building, Can It Be Removed?

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Restoration in Arizona

A common building material used decades ago, asbestos has been discarded by virtually everyone due to its link to cancer and other diseases. However, it still remains in the insulation of many older buildings, and is also found in newer buildings as well. Yet once discovered, it should be removed as soon as possible to avert any health concerns. But due to the dangers associated with it, asbestos removal should never be attempted on your own. Instead, you should leave it to the experienced asbestos removal technicians at Lotus Restoration Services.

Sealing Off the Area
When technicians discover asbestos is present within an area, they immediately seal off the area. Not only does this keep others away, but it also allows technicians to ensure no asbestos fibers will be strewn about the building, which could result in people inhaling fibers that could lead to serious health issues later on.

High-Powered Equipment
In addition to sealing off the area, Lotus asbestos removal technicians also rely on the latest and most advanced high-powered vacuum systems and air filters to safely remove asbestos from a building. Since these systems are capable of quickly gathering up any and all asbestos fibers within an area, they make the removal process much safer and more effective.

Thorough Inspections
When you believe asbestos is present in your building, it is vital you have an inspection conducted by experts to confirm your suspicions. Here at Lotus, our technicians are trained in the latest and safest ways to conduct these inspections. Once completed, they will inform you of their findings, offer advice on how to proceed, and help you begin planning the removal process.

Rather than continue to worry about the presence of asbestos in your building, why not take care of it as soon as possible by relying on experts from Lotus Restoration Services? With our many years of experience, we are trusted by business owners and homeowners throughout Phoenix and other areas of Arizona. To find out more about us and schedule your asbestos removal, call us today at 480-500-5481 or get your evaluation at lotusservicesaz.com/contact-us/.