There are many advantages to owning rental properties, but the occasional setback can make being a landlord an unpleasant ordeal. One of the most dreaded situations is finding that your last tenants vacated and left an appalling mess. You are now left with the task of getting the home back to a condition that will be suitable for new tenants. There are a few important reasons to have a professional assist with cleaning up if you find yourself in this situation.

1. Dangerous Pests May Have Moved In

There is a big difference between an untidy home and a filthy home. If your last tenant was a hoarder or neglected to clean the house for what seems like decades, potential dangers may be lurking in the filth. Messes that accumulate over time attract unwanted guests like rodents, insects and other undesirable vermin. The messes these guests make contaminate your home with bacteria and viruses. When they settle in, they make their way into your home’s internal structure to build nests that compromise the structural integrity of the home.


2. It May Not Only Be a Pile of Junk

Severe messes involving piles of junk that have accumulated over time can oftentimes hide some very dangerous and downright disgusting things. The byproducts of a filthy mess include vomit, feces, blood, urine and trash. In many hoarding situations, it is not uncommon to find the dead carcasses of pests or pets. Exposure to any of these contaminants is hazardous to your health, and it is pertinent to take the proper safety precautions.


3. Contamination May Be Deep-Seated

Spills, leaks or large piles of garbage become the breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. More often, mold spores spread to the home’s interior structures and surfaces like duct-work and drywall. The work involved in eradicating these biohazards is complicated and requires an experienced professional to ensure that recontamination does not occur.

The unpleasant aftermath of negligent tenants may seem irreversible, but do not despair. With the right bio hazard clean up experts at your side, you can be confident that your income property will be back in commission and safe for the next tenants who come along.

If you think your rental property was a crime scene or has some biohazard clean up needs call us for help.