It can happen to any property owner. A crime is committed on the property and it’s a particularly violent one. The police are finished with the site and you now have the task of cleaning the space. Will you hire a professional to manage the job or attempt to do it yourself? Here are three compelling reasons to call a biohazard cleanup company and leave the task in their hands.

1. Protecting Yourself From Viewing The Scene

Even if you have a strong stomach, don’t assume that you’re prepared for what’s at the scene. With a violent crime, there could be blood, other body fluids, and even some human tissue left behind. Along with what you see, the smell in the space could be more than you can handle.

Unless you want memories of what the scene looked and smelled like, the most practical approach is to call professionals with the professional detachment to deal with this type of setting. You don’t have to set foot back in the space until it’s cleaned and deodorized.

2. Avoiding Contact With Contaminated Materials

Even if you believe that the sight and smell can be handled, do you know how to protect yourself from biohazards. Attempting to clean the space without the right resources could expose you to some serious health threats. In fact, you could be ill for a long time after that exposure.

Professionals know what to wear, the right cleaning products to use, and what other precautions to take. Leave the task to them and protect your health.

3. Understanding What Can And Can’t Be Salvaged

Surface cleaning of porous materials is not enough. In some cases, it will be impossible to salvage furniture, bedding, and other items present at the scene. Will you be able to make responsible decisions about what you can keep and what needs to be disposed of safely?

Most people are not up to this task. By contrast, professional crime scene cleaners know how to assess the condition of everything within the space. That also have the objectivity to make choices based on protecting those who will enter the space in the future. If you want the space to be truly free of all biohazards, hiring those professionals is the only way to go.

If your property is the site of a violent crime, don’t attempt to clean the space yourself. Our biohazard cleanup professionals in Scottsdale will dispatch a team of cleaners in 24 hours or less. In a day or two, it will be safe for you to enter the space and begin preparing it for safe use again.