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Think You’ve Got Asbestos In Your Home or Business?

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Restoration in Arizona

If you own an older home or building where your business is located, you may unknowingly have a structure that still contains asbestos. While a common building material back in the day, we now know asbestos is a severe health risk in terms of causing cancer and other related conditions. Usually found in insulation, it is a substance that should always be approached very carefully and removed by trained professionals. Should you need asbestos removed from your home or business, here are some reasons why you should trust the task to Lotus Restoration Services.

Trained Professionals
Whether you need asbestos removed from a building in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, or other nearby areas here in Arizona, you can rely on us here at Lotus. Whenever our asbestos removal technicians arrive at your site, you can be sure they are highly-trained professionals who have years of experience removing this hazardous material from all types of buildings.

The Latest Equipment
Since asbestos can be a very hazardous substance, the Lotus pros always use the latest equipment to make sure the job is done safely and securely. Since asbestos fibers are easily spread in open areas, our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to quickly capture any fibers before they become loose and airborne. In addition, they approach each job using only the best hazmat equipment available in the industry today, ensuring their safety as well as that of others in the area.

Large or Small Jobs
Whether you have an entire building that needs to have asbestos removed or only a smaller area such as an attic, Lotus is here to help in any way possible. Since no job is considered to be too big or too small, one call to Lotus will be all you need to eventually say goodbye to asbestos.

Offering 24/7 emergency response, excellent customer service, and always using the latest training and equipment on any and all jobs, you can rely on us here at Lotus to remove asbestos from your building safely, efficiently, and as quickly as possible. To learn more and schedule an Evaluation, call 480-500-5481.