Has your property recently been damaged in a flood? Maybe your kitchen and living room areas were inundated by a burst water main or a sewage system backup. Whatever the cause of the accident was, one thing is clear: You’ve got a nasty cleanup to attend to. And if you don’t get it done right away, your procrastination could result in a whole new set of problems.

One of the worst of these new problems that you could face is the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. And in this category, black mold is by far the worst offender. Black mold is so noxious that it can cause severe breathing problems, injuries to your lungs, and in some rare cases, even death.

Even after all of the water has been pumped out of your property, the damage from flooding may not be over. Black mold and other harmful microbes can hide in hidden pools of water in the nooks and crannies of your home. There it will sit, biding its time until it suddenly explodes into action. All of a sudden, your property will be infested with mold.

If your home or commercial property has come down with a case of black mold, don’t panic. This infestation need not be permanent and it need not be costly. The key is to act quickly before the problem has a chance to get completely out of hand. If you fail to do so, the property that you own could be declared unfit for human habitation. It could even be condemned to be razed to the ground.

This is a nightmare that can only be dealt with using the services of a trained water damage and mold removal expert. You don’t want to try to solve the problem if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience. The risk to your health is too great.

You should also know that the longer you wait to get the problem addressed, the more you will end up paying. The average cost of a black mold removal job will usually run about $3,000. If you wait until the problem develops into a major infestation, the price of the salvage job may be cost $15,000, $20,000, or even more. This is one problem that needs quick action to keep it from becoming an even bigger one.