Entering Your Flooded Home In Phoenix, AZ Can Be Hazardous

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When people think of Phoenix, they think of sunny days and warm nights. The truth is that Phoenix also has flash floods that have caused thousands of dollars in property damage, injuries and fatalities. If you’re the victim of a flash flood or another water emergency, then you need to know the hidden dangers in

Filing An Insurance Claim After A Flood Hits Your Arizona Home

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Nobody expects their home to be flooded, but being prepared is one way to stay ahead of this kind of emergency situation. Knowing what to expect when filing a water damage claim is a proactive solution to prepare yourself for flooding due to rising waters, burst pipes or a backed-up sewer. Keep Your Insurance Information

3 Benefits of Using Water Damage Restoration Services

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Water damage is an all too common issue for many homeowners. Hiring a water damage restoration company is essential in minimizing the damages of water and saving you a lot of money. Water damage can happen due to a variety of reasons, and it is critical to contact water restoration specialists as soon as you

What Can Cause a Sewer Backup for Homeowners in Arizona

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If you've ever dealt with a sewer backup, you know the frustration that comes with having this particular problem. There are many ways to prevent a sewer backup from happening, such as using less toilet paper and avoiding flushing anything down the toilet other than toilet paper and waste. However, there may be other things

Top 4 Effects of Water Damage On Homes

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Many property owners dread water damage. When the snow melts, or it rains heavily and floods, there is a risk of water damage, and this causes lots of damages to property. Electronics, plumbing, furniture, upholstery, and household appliances are some of the things that get destroyed when there is water damage in the home. Apart

5 Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Phoenix Homes

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Arizona may be a desert climate, but that doesn't mean homes aren't susceptible to water damages! Most people think of water damage in the form of flooded basements or burst pipes, but there are many incidences where the water damage might be much more subtle. Be sure to look out for these lesser-known signs of

Avoid These Mistakes To Protect Your Home From Water Damage in Scottsdale, AZ

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Arizona doesn't receive a lot of rain throughout the year, so many residents assume that water damage isn't a problem homeowners have to deal with. In reality, citizens of Scottsdale face the same potential water problems as homeowners across the country. No, a flash flood isn't a likely occurrence, but you have to keep in

4 Ways to Prevent Water Damage Before Leaks Occur in Gilbert AZ

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Even the most seasoned and knowledgeable homeowners can fall victim to water damage, especially because not all leaks are immediately noticeable. It could be a trickle under the sink in your bathroom upstairs, or it could be a slow drip from the ceiling in your attic. In the grand scheme of things, leaks of any

Common Signs that you Might have Water Damage

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Just because you live in Arizona doesn't mean you don't need to worry about water damage. The Phoenix area gets hit with flooding rains at least once a year, and you also can have water damage that comes from inside your home, such as from a leaky pipe or appliance. To minimize damage from water

5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make After Water Damage in Phoenix

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Each year, it's estimated that one out of every fifty homes will experience some degree of water damage. Unfortunately, many of these claims are unexpected and happen as the result of broken appliances or deteriorating pipes. If you find yourself in a situation where water damage has impacted your home, our team at Lotus Restoration

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