Flash Floods and Leaks Can Cause Serious Problems

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While the Arizona region is usually considered arid desert land, water damage from flooding is an all too common occurrence for those living here. Water damage cleanup in Arizona is something you should be prepared to handle. Water damage can cause costly mold growth and permanent structural damage to your home. Simply having a strong

How To Find A Good Water Damage Service

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It is common for homeowners to need quick emergency assistance to get themselves out of their damaged homes. Unfortunately, with rising flooding waters comes also the strong possibility that your home will suffer some water damage which requires professional restoration and remediation. While you can get a little help from your Arizona water damage service

When to Call a Water Damage Restoration Expert for Help

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Water damage occurs to many properties on a regular basis. Homes and businesses alike can be damaged by water leaking from a broken pipe, overflowing gutters, overflowing storage tanks, or leaking appliances. The longer water damage remains unresolved, the worse the damage gets. Fortunately, many common building materials such as drywall and wood will soak

Mold Removal: Preventing Health Problems

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If you have an issue with mold, having good information and a well-defined plan to solve the problem will help you get rid of it properly and quickly. If you see mold in your family, having it removed is your first priority. But it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to start and what exactly

How Long Will Flood Damage Continue?

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Flood damage restoration in the immediate aftermath of a flood is critical to minimizing the long-term impact and long-term damages. When water rises above normal levels, flood damage can occur and often quickly. The longer the period of elevated water levels, the more extensive the damage may be. Flooding can occur anywhere, even in the

Effective Water Mitigation and Restoration Techniques

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Water damage is a term used for describing different types of damage that may have occurred due to any reason leading to flooding or mold. The damage may be caused due to seepage of water into structures; a burst pipe or a faulty plumbing line; an overflowing bathtub; a broken down water heater; or just

Effective Services To Meet Water Damage Needs

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Water Damage Repair, 24 Hour Emergency Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, & specially trained Water Damage Restoration like Lotus Restoration Services. A reliable leader in the residential & commercial Water Restoration industry in Phoenix & surrounding areas. With the latest technology and equipment we can restore the beauty and value to

How to Get Back on Track With Water Damage Restoration Services

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If you have any questions or concerns about your Phoenix water damage situation, you can contact Lotus Restoration Services, a professional Phoenix and Mesa Arizona water damage restoration company. Lotus Restoration Services, a leading Arizona water damage restoration service, is a reliable partner to property owners and building managers. Not only do we repair damaged

Need Emergency Phoenix Water Damage Restoration?

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Phoenix based Lotus Restoration Services, a leading Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Service is proud to partner with property managers and building owners that need emergency water damage repair. Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in the Phoenix area. In addition, the company is proud to serve those who require an elite,

How Mold Can Become a Health Risk if You Don’t Remove it Fast Enough

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If you are a homeowner in Arizona, dealing with mold may be one of your biggest challenges. In Arizona, mold is a part of life; however, too much of it can be harmful. Most people see mold on things they touch but few know that it can also be growing inside their homes. Mold can

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