Water Damage

The Contaminants Found in Floodwater

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During some floods, the water flows through the city like a river, collecting a large amount of dirt and contaminants. Most people know that floodwater is unsafe, but they decide to wade through it anyway. Until you test the water, you cannot ensure its safety and guarantee your good health. Prepare yourself by learning about

Top 4 Dangers of Staying in Water Damaged Homes

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After a natural disaster, you are mostly stressed and frustrated. Most of all, you want to return to your house and get back to normal as soon as possible. To save money, you do much of the flood cleanup yourself. Not wanting to pay for hotel bills, you decide to move back into the house

Life After Water Damage

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Water damage in a home can cause a tremendous amount of problems. Some of the issues are mild, but others can put you out of your home for extended periods of time. Planning out what to do after water or flood damage can seem jarring, but following some tips can help you endure the experience.

Mildew Odor Is a Sign Of Mold Contamination

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Mildew odor in a building is an important sign of a problem such as a leaking roof or water pipe. If you have a musty odor permeating a home or business, then it can make you feel ill along with causing problems such as sinus congestion or constant sneezing. Mildew odor is caused by various

Mold inspections: What should you expect?

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Think you have Mold? Need a Phoenix Mold Inspection? Most homes will need a mold inspection at one time or another. This is because mold and mildew tend to invade residences as they provide the right conditions for them to thrive. If you have noticed mold growing in your home, chances are you have already

How to Prevent Mold after Water Damage

By | 2017-08-03T15:44:36+00:00 August 3rd, 2017|Water Damage|

Mold begins growing after a day or two of water damage. Even if you do not see it but smell a musty earth smell, know that that is mold growing. To prevent mold, you must act fast. Exposure to mold can trigger asthma symptoms and body allergies such as eye, lung, nose and throat irritations.

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