As an adult, you likely already know that living in a house with mold is problematic. However, when you see a little bit of mold in the corner of the basement bathroom, you might disregard it. Doing so is dangerous regardless of age, but to ignore mold is even more deleterious when children and pets are living in the house.

1. Serious Diseases

One major problem is that mold can lead to serious diseases. For example, mold could potentially lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is a tragedy commonly referred to as SIDS. Black mold can also cause respiratory issues. The fact that little ones can be even more susceptible to the detrimental effects of mold than adults are is a major reason why you need to have professional mold removal done.

2. Inability to Articulate

If you feel as though your breathing is suddenly different or if you are beginning to have painful headaches at regular intervals, you can articulate your concerns to a doctor. Infants and pets are not able to do so. In other words, your little ones and beloved animals might already be suffering from the effects of mold in your house but lack the ability to tell you about what is going on.

3. Lack of Awareness

You cannot expect your young children and pets to know what mold is. When your kids are older, you can speak to them about the dangers of mold. Once you have discovered the mold, you can prevent the pets from going into that area until mold removal is complete. However, your kids and pets may get into the area with the mold and even play with the substance or eat it before you even know what is happening.

4. Toxic Cleaners

Once you have discovered the mold in your house, you may try to eliminate it by yourself with cleaners. However, these cleaners may have toxic chemicals in them, thereby further exposing your children and pets to serious or even fatal risks. Instead of taking these risks with the safety of your loved ones, you should opt for professional mold treatment.

As you can see, having mold in the house is truly a risk for anyone. However, when you have children and pets living in the house, the threat of the mold can grow even greater. Working with our professionals in the field of mold removal in Phoenix can help to make your home safer for everyone.