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Does Your Phoenix Metro Area Home Have Water Damage?

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Water damage in the home may happen for a variety of reasons. Whether your property has a burst pipe, a broken water heater or a leaky roof, swift action is important. Ultimately, ignoring the issue could lead to greater problems for your Phoenix household.

Structural Deterioration

Once you have managed the immediate effects of flooding, you might assume that no further damage is likely to occur. Unfortunately, moisture can seep into the structure of your dwelling. This may lead to rotting wood and other materials. The resultant damage may not be easily visible until it is too late.

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in the damp areas that manifest due to water damage. Although mold spores generally remain dormant when an area is dry, moisture or excessive humidity can activate their growth. The only way to prevent this issue is to have your home tested for mold. Only a professional should perform this task and remove the mold if applicable.

If it is allowed to grow, mold may cause serious health conditions for your family. You and your loved ones could experience cardiovascular issues, joint discomfort or allergy symptoms. Fatigue is another health problem associated with mold exposure.

Higher Repair Bills

If you notice unusual moisture in your home and choose not to investigate the cause, you might face high repair costs later. Water stains may not look alarming, but they can indicate a more serious problem. The roof, the plumbing or a major appliance might be leaking, and ignoring this will likely result in further damage. By addressing the matter as soon as possible, you can minimize its impact on your home and your budget.

Contact a Water Damage Professional

Residential water damage should never be neglected. If you see evidence of this issue in your home, contact Lotus Restoration Services today. We proudly serve the East Valley, and we offer 24/7 emergency response.