When people think of Phoenix, they think of sunny days and warm nights. The truth is that Phoenix also has flash floods that have caused thousands of dollars in property damage, injuries and fatalities. If you’re the victim of a flash flood or another water emergency, then you need to know the hidden dangers in the water before you go inside your home.

Steps To Take Before Going Inside Your Property

If a major flood has occurred or your house was flooded due to a burst water main or backed up sewer, then you’ll want to check with the authorities or a contractor to ensure your dwelling is structurally safe before entering. It’s important to have an electrician turn off the power and check the electrical system, especially if there’s standing water. Wear protective gear such as a filtered mask, eye protection, boots, gloves and long pants and sleeves.

The Dangers That Lurk In A Flooded Home

When you enter the property, open doors and windows if you can do so safely to air out the rooms. Avoid walking through standing water if you can. If you have to walk through water, then be aware of stinging, biting and venomous insects, spiders and snakes who may use you as a life raft. Rats and other animals may be hiding in cupboards and closets too. If the flood occurred due to a sewage backup, the water will contain harmful bacteria. After the flood, furniture and other household items may have shifted and broken, so watch for shattered glass, broken floorboards and other hazards.

When To Call A Water Restoration Expert

Homes with standing water and water damage can cause you serious injury when you don’t have the right equipment. Our water restoration technicians can quickly remove any standing water and prepare your house for the restoration process. We have industrial vacuums, fans and cleaning equipment to return your home to its former state. Be safe after a flood and contact us for assistance. This way your home or business doesn’t turn into a bio-hazard clean up issue we also specialize in as well.