Floods can happen anywhere, even when you least expect it and in places you least expect it like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. And now that the weather is becoming colder in Phoenix, it’s not uncommon to see frozen pipes in your home at night.

Whether you reside in a flood zone or want to know more information, learn what to do in case of a flood.

Make Sure You Have a Backup Supply of Water

If you happen to get caught in a flood, do not, under any circumstances, drink the water from the system. At least not until it has been tested by the health department. This is because the water after a flood is loaded with bacteria and contaminants. While you wait for the water to be tested, make sure to have at least a few gallons of bottled water. Or, as an alternative, invest in a quality water filter.

Have an Alarm Installed For Your Septic Pump

Having an alarm installed onto your septic pump can warn you of a problem before any serious damage occurs. For people who have a septic system and are dealing with a flood, refrain from flushing your toilet until you have enlisted the services of a professional. The tanks in your septic system can end up rupturing, which can cause sewage to back up into your home.

Keep Your Basement Waterproof

Before a flood occurs, waterproofing your home can help minimize the damage. New homeowners may not know what waterproofing their home means. Basically, waterproofing your home means keeping the gutters clean and clearing out the storm drains. The goal of waterproofing a home is to keep as much water away from it as possible.

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