What to Do Next if You have a Flood in Your Phoenix Home or Business

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Floods can happen anywhere, even when you least expect it and in places you least expect it like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. And now that the weather is becoming colder in Phoenix, it's not uncommon to see frozen pipes in your home at night. Whether you reside in a flood zone or want to know

4 Ways to Respond to a Mold Emergency in Phoenix

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Emergency Mold Removal in Phoenix Though Phoenix is dry during most of the year, it's not impervious to the scourge of mold. A mold emergency can happen in your home for any number of reasons. A few are water damage, lack of HVAC humidity control, and improper ventilation. It doesn't matter in the end. What

4 Ways to Respond to a Home Biohazard Emergency in Phoenix

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Biohazard events in the home can range from a backed-up toilet to moldy and otherwise dirty flood water in the basement. What makes it a biological hazard is that there are substances present that are risk to your health. These risks can include mold, feces, microorganisms, toxins and so forth. How you handle such an