Mold is a dangerous substance because it can cause allergies, can mar wood, drywall, carpet and more in your home and can cause chronic health problems. The battle against mold must be a constant one in which you carefully protect your home from mold and find quick help when you find moldy patches. These five areas of the home are the most common ones where you may see mold growing.

1. In Basements

Because a basement is underground and usually has poorer airflow than the rest of the house does, it is at risk for high humidity levels as well as for standing water. Water may seep through cracks in your foundation or through basement windows after storms. Consider using a dehumidifier down here.

2. Underneath Sinks

Even a tiny leak or drip beneath your kitchen or bathroom sink can lead to mold in a lower cupboard. Make sure that your pipes are tightly screwed together and occasionally check in the back of your cupboards for moisture.

3. Around Windows

Older windows may leak rain or may drip into the woodwork and window frames in the spring when frost melts from them. Mold can grow in the woodwork, within the surrounding walls and deep behind the wallboard.

4. Beneath Carpeting

A small spill that is not cleaned up quickly can lead to mold growth in carpeting. Additionally, the pad beneath the carpet can take days to dry out if it is not addressed professionally.

5. In Showers and Tubs

Showers and tubs are located within the most humid rooms of the house. You may see mold damage in the walls and ceiling around them as well as in grout and caulking. Let your shower or tub air out after using it, and clean it frequently with a bleach-based cleaner.

Of course, these are not the only places where you may find mold in your Arizona home. It can commonly be found around and in some large appliances, such as the refrigerator. All it takes is sitting water or high humidity to start the growth of this problematic fungus. If you believe that you have mold in your home, choose professional mold remediation services so that you can know that the mold is gone for good. At Lotus Restoration Services, we provide damage control and remediation services for flooding, water damage, mold, mildew and even hazardous chemicals.