A mild amount of mold is all that it takes to imperil your health. That goes doubly so if you’re struggling with allergies or you have some kind of chronic lung infection. Let’s face it – mold isn’t good for anyone to breathe in. What’s more, mold is really ugly to look at, and it might even jeopardize the resale value of your home, so mold removal in Phoenix will be necessary.

What is Mold?

The hard truth of the matter is that mold is everywhere. Only when the concentration of mold gets to a dangerous level in a confined space like a home or office do we really notice it. At that point, you might start experiencing the coughing, sore throat, and wheezing that can accompany exposure, especially if you’re allergic.

Mold is actually a kind of fungus that sprouts from spores in the air. Mold, as you may have intuited already, needs a few things to grow: warmth, humidity, oxygen, and ideally darkness.


Bathrooms are, therefore, one of the veritable hotspots for mold because a bathroom has all of these factors in spades. If you’re dealing with a water leak, then that applies even more.

Improper ventilation in bathroom around showers and bathtubs are very popular places for mold buildup. The presence of water combined with the heat and humidity is what promotes mold growth in these areas.

Also check around your toilets and sink for mold growth, though, since these areas may be more problematic than most homeowners realize. Around the caulk line and near the piping leading up to the sink are places to check for potential mold removal in Phoenix.


A water leak coming from your pipes can reveal itself in an unlikely way – through mold on your walls. That’s what happens when water is allowing to accumulate where it shouldn’t and that accumulation provides a safe haven for uncontrolled mold growth.

Ways to Reduce Mold 

The most obvious first step to reducing mold is controlling the conditions by which mold thrives. Wipe up water if you see it pooled up on the floor and consider running a ventilation fan in your bathroom for a half hour after you enjoy a shower. Check for leaky faucets as well.

If you’re noticing mold buildup on your walls in the form of black splotches that seem to radiate upwards, then you might want to consider investing in a powerful dehumidifier or contacting our mold removal professionals in Phoenix right away.