Mildew odor in a building is an important sign of a problem such as a leaking roof or water pipe. If you have a musty odor permeating a home or business, then it can make you feel ill along with causing problems such as sinus congestion or constant sneezing. Mildew odor is caused by various types of mold growth, and some varieties of mold are dangerous. First, it is essential to determine where there is a moisture leak inside a home, and this can require contacting a Phoenix plumber or roofing technician.

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Have Mold Contamination Removed Immediately

After the roof or plumbing device is repaired, you will need to have expert restoration of a building’s surfaces to remove the mold that is causing a disgusting mildew odor. In some cases, you can see mold on surfaces, but it is possible for mold to grow underneath wood paneling, baseboards or drywall. If mold infests these items, then it begins to spread to other materials, including wall insulation and electric wiring.

Request Professional Mold Remediation 

It is dangerous to remove the mold-contaminated items on your own, but a remediation team understands how to tear away damaged materials while wearing specialized gear. In addition, the mold-infested materials are disposed of properly to avoid contaminating other items in a building. You also don’t want any of the mold spores entering a building’s venting system because this will lead to additional mildew odor.

Prevent Additional Mold Contamination 

A mold restoration company will have the equipment required to extract moisture from porous surfaces such as carpets and drywall, but the technicians can also remove the materials that are too contaminated to sanitize. During the mold cleanup, it is vital to seal off other areas of a building to avoid additional problems. When a building has a mold problem because it is too humid, the remediation technicians can install circulating fans and dehumidification systems.

Have Deodorizers Applied To Surfaces 

The removal of the mold-contaminated materials will reduce the foul odor from mildew, but technicians can also apply deodorizers to surfaces. A technician should inspect a building’s climate-control devices to determine if there are mold spores in hidden locations. By cleaning the ductwork and changing the filters in a furnace or air conditioner, it is easier to eliminate the mold spores that cause a disgusting mildew odor.

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