Mold is an ever-increasing problem in our environment, with more people becoming exposed to it every day. Mold can develop anywhere, even in places the eye cannot see. So, proper mold removal is vital to eliminate the unsightly growth. Unfortunately, improper mold removal can make your mold issue worse, causing the proliferation of harmful mold spores throughout your home.

Safe mold removal needs an experienced team like Lotus Restoration Services who solves the issue at its root. Your Arizona mold remediation company will begin by conducting a routine moisture test. This allows the company to determine where any leaks or excess moisture is coming from; no porous materials are exempt from mold remediation. Any area that may be leaking, such as plumbing or roofing tiles, will also need to undergo mold testing to determine if it needs further moisture eradication.

Next, your Arizona mold remediation team will remove any affected objects and debris. Any drywall or carpet damaged due to mold removal and remediation will need to be removed and taken to the landfill, otherwise further moisture will spread throughout the affected area. It’s important for your Arizona home inspector to note any areas that are currently leaking or emitting any form of odors; this should be noted and brought up during the mold removal process. By keeping all of these things in mind, you’ll have an easier time getting rid of the unsightly mold and ensure that your family has a clean environment to live in.

If you need mold removal or mold removal near me in Phoenix we are who you are looking for and can help.