You cannot always predict when mold will enter the home. But you can work to undo some of the damages and recover your losses. In the end, you’ll most likely need a professional, but it’s important to start the process on your own. Here are a few restoration tips to follow for mold removal in phoenix.

1. Fix Leaks First

A lot of people don’t think of this tip first. They just look at brown spots covering the walls, floors or ceilings and immediately grab a sponge and pair of gloves. However, you cannot fix a problem that will only worsen in time.

You cannot remove water damage if the leak is allowed to cause more damage later. If there is mold present, it’s being caused by a leak, so turn off all water appliances immediately.

2. Clean Superficial Stains

The next step is to find the thin layers of mold that you can easily scrub off. These are the lightest colored areas with the least amount of density of mold. Prevent further spread of the mold by cleaning the cleaning tools thoroughly or disposing of them.

3. Salvage Only What You Can

It’s better to throw away the damaged materials than keep them lying around. There are some items that you can keep and restore after being infested with mold. In some cases, it takes only a pressure washer and scrub to clean off the mold. Mold that has grown into the deeper layers is difficult or impossible to remove and should not be retained.

4. Clear Out the Air

During a storm, the humidity levels rise and create stuffy air. Mold and mildew have odors that circulate throughout the room and hang around if you don’t open a window. To make the cleanup effort more comfortable, remove the humidity by opening a window or using a dehumidifier.

It’s possible to restore parts of a room that have been damaged by mold. No matter how many tips you follow, some mold infestations are too severe for amateurs to handle. Then, a professional or a whole team of professionals should be called in to remove the mold and help recover the areas that can be recovered. Contact the right company that provides mold removal services in Phoenix and surrounding areas.