In situations where catastrophic property damage occurs, or perhaps an industrial accident or crime has taken place, the area will need an extensive cleaning once all final details are resolved. However, in these situations, it is important to not attempt to do this without the help of professionals. Not only will the area not be thoroughly cleaned, but those on the scene could be putting themselves and others at risk of contracting various diseases. To keep this from happening, contact a professional cleanup service that specializes in bio-hazardous cleanups. If you find yourself faced with this situation in Phoenix or the surrounding area, contact Lotus Restoration Services to ensure the area will be cleaned in a professional and safe manner.

Types of Situations

When many people think of bio-hazardous situations, they often assume this refers only to chemical or industrial spills or other accidents. However, there are many other types of situations that are considered to be bio-hazardous in nature, and require professionals trained in very specific cleaning techniques that meet OSHA and other state and federal requirements. These can include such incidents as suicides, homicides involving gunshots, hoarding situations, drug labs, sewage leaks and spills, and many others. In these situations, specialized cleaning techniques will need to be used to dispose of blood, bodily fluids, odors, and many other various materials considered to be bio-hazards.

Cleaning Techniques

When faced with these and other similar situations, the professional cleaners at Lotus Restoration Services use a variety of techniques to ensure the area will once again be safe for everyone. These techniques involve using specific cleaning fluids and other materials that attack and remove varying levels of bacteria and viruses, all of which can pose a serious health risk to humans. Along with this, many different sterilizing and sanitizing methods are used to clean up not only what can be seen, but more importantly types of bacteria and materials unable to be detected by the human eye.

24/7 Response

Since it is impossible to predict when and where these types of situations will occur, it’s crucial to have a professional restoration service in Phoenix that can respond 24/7. With Lotus Restoration Services, you get that and much more. Confidentiality, integrity, experience, and trust are always present in our cleaning crews, so you can count on having the job done right the first time. To learn more, contact us at (480) 500-5481