When you’re the victim of a house fire, it can be physically and emotionally draining. Not only is there the stress of dealing with the traumatic event, but your entire life will be turned upside down depending on the extent of the damage. After hiring a fire restoration service, you may be wondering if you can stay in your home to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

Assessing The Fire Damage In Your Home

The decision to stay or go during fire restoration is really dependent on the extent of the damage. If the home is structurally unsafe, then the clear answer is to stay elsewhere during the reconstruction. However, if only a portion of your house was damaged, then talk to the fire restoration team lead about the soot removal and renovation schedule.

Consider These Things If You Decide To Stay During The Restoration Process

Before any renovations can take place, the fire restoration team will need to remove any excess moisture, soot and smoke damage with industrial equipment. If your home needs to have repairs and construction done, the environment will be noisy. You may have limited access to electricity, water and access to other areas of the house. Additionally, your privacy will be reduced while the fire restoration team is working to complete repairs.

If You Need To Live Someplace Else During The Fire Restoration

Your homeowner’s policy may cover living expenses like hotel reimbursement, transportation and meals. Talk to your insurance agent to find out about your coverage. Fire restoration crews will work fast and efficiently to get your house back to a pristine state, but in the meantime, you’ll want a comfortable and secure place to sleep.

Our company has been doing fire restoration for years, and we can help you get back to normal quickly, so you can enjoy your home again.