Water damage to the home can be caused by numerous circumstances. Whether it was a burst pipe, water heater, or whatever type of emergency, many homeowners are left not knowing what to do. While water damage restoration services can save the day, what should the homeowner do until help arrives? Although it will depend on the specific scenario, there are a few basic things that will apply to most situations.

Safety is Always First

Prioritizing safety should always be the first step the homeowner takes when any type of disaster strikes and these situations are no different. Vacating pets and children from the area should be the first priority. This can help prevent accident or injury that is secondary to the flooded area, especially slips, trips and falls.

Shutting Off the Water Supply

If it is safe to do so and the homeowner knows where a local shutoff it is located, the source of water should be shut off as soon as possible until help can arrive. If the source of the supply is unknown or there is risk of coming into contact with electricity, the homeowner should not attempt this step. In some cases, a plumber may be needed to initiate the shutoff.

Draining of Water

This is often the logical next step while waiting for help to arrive but this may or may not always be feasible. If the flooding is in a localized interior space, there may be no drains available. If there is and the homeowner can safely do so, the water should be drained from the space.

Other Important Considerations

Watching your home become emerged in water can be disheartening to say the least. The homeowner can feel powerless and helpless during that moment. However, water damage restoration professionals can arrive quickly and efficiently take care of the problem and take the proper steps to prevent mold remediation and further problems. While there are a few things that the homeowner can do prior to arrival, safety should always be top priority.