Water Damage in Phoenix Arizona

Stucco homes are stunning to the eye, offering homeowners many benefits within the Phoenix area.

Notably, stucco dwellings are known for their robust defense against the Valley’s year-round sun, monsoon winds, natural regulation of temperatures, and mold resistance.

Although stucco has moisture-resistant properties, homeowners are discovering that their beautifully styled homes are prone to water damage.

Numerous bulges, bumps, and ridges on the home’s exterior may be the first signs of water damage. If treatment is neglected, the detached surfaces will promote cracking, staining, and health risks associated with mold formations.

The Priority Solution: Expert Moisture Testing
In order to save time and money, you must first know the cause of the symptoms and measure the severity of the menacing water damage. An expert water damage specialist will be able to provide you with an evaluation and the best treatment options for your situation.

Proper Stucco Compounds
The resilience of any stucco material stems from balanced water, sand, and cement mixture.

All stucco ingredients should:
• Meet compliance requirements as outlined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM);
• Be treated/cured to optimize crack prevention.

Correct Installation

Alongside proper stucco ingredients, each home requires the correct stucco installation.

As an example, a defect in the scratch coat, brown coat, and the finish coat application (known as a three-coat installation) will create a major dilemma in the future. The same issue applies to installations on wooden lathes in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Always procure a licensed contractor for any work performed on your home. Unlicensed work and certain causes for water damage may impact possible insurance claim results.

Cracks and Crevices
Stress cracks can arise from multiple components, including earthquakes, product expansion, direct impacts, or strong winds.

In this situation, there is no difference between a wide pattern crack or a hairline crack; water will find its way through any opening, further damaging the exterior and interior of your home.

Water Damage Solution: Know the Cause, Call an Expert

Before fixing water-damaged stucco, applying a patching compound, or modifying the weep screeds, you must first fix the cause of the water damage. Your first priority should focus on:
• Knowing the cause of the water damage;
• Preventing further water damage.

Whether your water damage in Phoenix is a result of a burst pipe, leaking air conditioner, or fluke, you will want to avoid repairing the same stucco twice. Leveraging the best water damage experts in the Valley will maximize your investment and help decrease future costs as a homeowner.