Residents can anticipate mold growth in warmer seasons like spring and summer. The hot heat from the sun, steam, and sweat make it easy for mold to exist anywhere undetected. As the weather turns cold, the assumption is mold cannot survive in cold conditions due to chilly air in the darkest places and freezing water. Should residents make that assumption? Are residents safe from mold in the winter?

Sadly, mold can grow in cold and warm weather as long as water, an enclosed location, and mold spores exist. In winter, the breeding ground stems from heat in the space heater, fireplace, heating fan, HVAC, cooking steam, or dryer. Mix that with a cold wall to produce condensation, especially around windows. The location, moisture, and heat produce mold. The key is to stop mold from forming. Too often, residents rely on DIY tactics to remove mold on the surface only for it to return in the same location. The reality is residents temporarily starved it until mold gets the ingredients to dominate again. It takes more than DIY to remove stubborn mold.

So, what can residents do to reduce mold formation?

1. Keep humidity levels below 50%
2. Remove carpeting from moisture and high-traffic climates such as the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement, and laundry room. Replace the carpet with a rug.
3. Ventilate the home with a kitchen exhaust fan or an open window that lead to the outdoors. This idea is helpful in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. It’s best to open windows when the winter air is warmer
4. Repair plumbing and roof leaks.
5. Insulate the walls, basement, attic, windows, and doors to keep moisture and cold air outside with weather-stripping, caulking, and plastic sheeting.
6. Store long-term boxed belongings like clothes and books in a cool space away from the walls.

If residents suspect mold in their home, eliminate mold on the first try with a Lotus professional’s assistance. The peace of mind is worth every penny. Alternatively, hire our Arizona mold professional for a routine checkup. They will inspect the entire house for mold using the latest technology. The findings will uncover current and upcoming problems. Keep the home in top shape with a weekly routine checkup. Clean moisture areas, condensate windows, wet walls, gutters, down spots, egress window area, and sitting water. No one should deal with mold during a time where staying indoors is a top priority.