Mold Removal in Arizona

One of the first steps in effectively removing mold is to ensure that the source of moisture is located. Mold needs moisture and heat to grow. While there is rarely a lack of heat in Arizona, there typically isn’t an abundance of freestanding water. If you remove existing mold without eliminating the source of the mold, your efforts will be wasted, and the mold will promptly begin re-growth. One service offered in professional mold removal in Arizona is moisture, or leak, detection. Common sources of moisture are plumbing leaks and structural leaks that expose internal surfaces to external environmental elements.


Another step is to determine the extent of the mold damage. This is typically never limited to what you can see with the naked eye. If mold is visible on your floors, ceiling, walls, or any surface in your home, it is likely that material is molded throughout. In other words, cleaning the surface damage is not enough and will not eliminate the contamination. This does not necessarily mean that your entire ceiling will need to be replaced. It is possible to replace small sections of damage without needing a full restoration. The level of necessary remediation is dependent on the size of the damaged area.


Once the full extend of the damage has been determined, a plan is created for remediation. This consists of eliminating the source of moisture, removing the mold-damaged materials safely while limiting dust and exposure to uncontaminated areas, properly disposing of contaminated materials, cleaning and drying surfaces and materials that are repairable, and replacing removed materials such as flooring, dry wall, or ceiling materials.


Lastly, it is essential to ensure that all contamination has been removed. This should be more thorough than a visual inspection. Testing kits are available for purchase that can detect the presence of mold. Additionally, there are local environmental testing organizations that can perform a similar inspection for a fee. A negative result on mold presence should be the end to your contamination threat.